Sagar Energy is a startup energy company based in WA, Australia, offering renewable energy solutions to those in remote and isolated environments. Their products include portable solar kits for healthcare centres and schools.

To make their mark in the energy industry, a strong logo and brand was created to reflect their unique mission. Using electronic schematics as foundations to the construction of the logo mark, the colour green was used to reflect the company’s venture using renewable energy sources to make the ‘S’ letterform.

Their first product, SolarMate, a portable solar light kit solution designed to illuminate clinics, operating theatres and classrooms in remote environments, also required a logo mark. Playing off the product’s name of Solar (latin for ‘Sun’) and Mate (informal term for friend used commonly in Australia) are used in the construction of the product logo. Offering three different power outputs, minor additions were added to the SolarMate logo to specify the distinctions.