Why I do, what I do

Helping others is complex and a risky investment of time and resources, even more so when you’re doing it for full time work. But I also believe it’s within our human desire and purpose to help others and that it is not just a nice idea, but out of a fulfilment and calling to look after our fellow neighbour – regardless of race, religion, gender or anything else that we define to separate us.

Despite the challenges, it does not mean it is impossible to create change. That is why I am asking those who are also challenged by the issues of poverty and injustice to join me in the mission of helping others by partnering with me in this endeavour.

To know more about what I do, check out my About page.

"Wait, so you don't get paid?"

As part of my role at YWAM Medical Ships, we operate where 100% of our donations go directly back in to our field work, administration, and fundraising costs. That means all YWAM Medical Ships’ staff, including our Managing Director (CEO) and Founders of YWAM (who have been doing this since 1960!) are full time volunteers and don’t get any salary or compensation.

Yes, you read that right, I don’t get paid. All of us on staff depend on private donors, foundations, churches, and sponsors to cover everything from rent, food, bills, and basic necessities. This ensures all our donations to YWAM Medical Ships have maximum impact on the ground and invests in our long term mission of seeing health care development and training delivered in Papua New Guinea and the rest of the Asia Pacific region.

How can you help?

I’m looking for partners that can support me financially that can assist with travel expenses between field projects, food, vehicle maintenance and other general living costs. And perhaps a ‘fun’ allotment for holidays or down time. I also appreciate your words of encouragement and prayers, so if you have any messages, please say so by contacting me! You can give in different ways by clicking the buttons below:


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If you have an alternative way of supporting me, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via my contact page.